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The hundred or so bungalows of Domaine Le Boulac are situated about fifty kilometers south of Liege, in the midst of the Ardennes which are very beautiful throughout the whole year.


The park is very spacious and suitable for everyone. It is the perfect place for nature lovers to start long walks. Lovers of culture will certainly find things to satisfy themselves in this area. Those who enjoy more physical activity will find their heart’s content with, amongst other possibilities, many mountain bike routes.


Children can once again learn to play with what nature offers them, building huts from branches lying on the ground, playing in the trees or ……..! They will not easily become bored near the house. If they would still prefer something else there is a playground and swimming pool on the park.

kindvriendelijk vakantiepark


Above all Domaine le Boulac is a haven of peace. The only thing that you can hear in the early morning is the song of the many birds. The whole day long you will have the “musical” accompaniment of the wind whispering through the trees. Possibly there will be a shower which like the blowing up of the wind, you will first hear in the distance before it arrives.


Slowly but surely you will learn to distinguish the various bird songs….in short in Domaine le Boulac you will begin to understand what nature is about! 


Domaine Le Boulac - Rue du Bois 36, 6941 Izier (Durbuy) Belgique

Telephone: +32 (0)86 400 486 - fax:  +32(0)86 400 802 -


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Meteo Durbuy   6 tot 19°C
Wind: SW Met 8 km/h
Humidity: 49%


DOMAINE LE BOULAC | Rue du Bois 36, 6941 Izier (Durbuy), BelgiË | telefoon: +32 (0)86 400 486 | telefax: +32 (0)86 400 802 |                       

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