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2022 : Price overview - 2022

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News about prices 2022

From 25-1-2022 a price increase has been implemented in connection with the steeply rising energy prices. Of course, we expect you as a guest to continue to pay close attention to your energy consumption and to use it sparingly on our beautiful green park. If you have any questions about this, please contact us by phone or email


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What our visitors say:

What a wonderfully clean and complete bungalow! The children loved playing in the stream next to the house, they built huts and tried out all the games. The park is beautiful, very private and we had nice walks through the forest.


Very positively surprised when we stepped inside the house. Decorated nicely, original and complete. There seem to be 105 bungalows here, but you don’t notice it! Very quiet.

Jan Klaassen

We really enjoyed it! Beautiful bungalows, peace, nature, nothing on your mind. We will definitely be back!

Annemie Dumont