The Ardennes

Holiday park Domaine Le Boulac is located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. The wooded area, the hills and characteristic villages characterize this beautiful region. Every season has its own charm. Whether it is the warm-colored autumn leaves on the trees in the fall, the snowy hills in winter, the blossoming nature in spring or the sun-drenched summers.


The Ardennes are a popular destination for hikers, cyclists, adventure sport enthusiasts and families throughout the year. There are also numerous cultural attractions in the Ardennes. We have made a selection of sights and activities for you that are absolutely worthwhile.



Hiking and biking

Discover nature during a hike or bike ride. Our holiday park is adjacent to the Bois d'Ozo forest, where many marked trails can be found. There are also special 'ravel paths' where cars and motorbikes are not allowed. This way you can do a nice cycling or hiking tour with the whole family in peace and quiet. For the experienced hikers there are beautiful climbing paths. Go on a voyage of discovery in the rolling countryside and see breathtaking vistas. Sometimes you’ll even encounter a deer during your morning walk!


Find descriptions of hiking trails at the reception of our holiday park.

Mountain biking

For mountain bike enthusiasts, our holiday park is an excellent starting point. There are plenty of suitable mountain bike routes in the surrounding area along the rugged forest paths of the Ardennes. There are several companies that rent out mountain bikes in Durbuy.

Adventure sports

Wild rivers, high altitudes, speed and adventure. The Ardennes and the surroundings of Durbuy are known for adventure sports and activities, such as canoeing, rafting, rock climbing or a survival course. There are several companies which organize adventure sports and activities in the area around Holiday Park Domaine Le Boulac.

The Hotton Caves

See the high steep walls, deep slopes and impressive rocks during a walk through the Caves of Hotton. A guide takes you through the different 'rooms' and gives information about the origin of the caves.

Castle of Ny

The Castle of Ny is recommended for the whole family. Imagine yourself in the bygone days of the knights, ladies, jesters and other historical figures. Take a discovery walk through the castle and experience spectacular shows and demonstrations with horses, birds of prey, dragons, talking trees and courageous fighters.

The Dolmens and Menhirs of Wéris

Via a hiking trail (5, 7 or 11 kilometers) through the village of Wéris, discover the dolmens and menhirs – rocks that were placed in the village thousands of years ago by Neolithic peoples.

The castle of Petite Somme

Near Durbuy is the fairytale castle of Petite Somme (also called the Hare Krishna castle). The castle has a long history and now houses a spiritual community. Visit the castle, which has been recently restored and take a peek inside this community for a 1.5-hour guided tour.

The Labyrinth in Barvaux

The Labyrinth in Barvaux is a must-see. Enter the gigantic cornfield and let yourself be overwhelmed by entertainment, games, riddles and more. The Labyrinth is a maze where you keep wandering and never want to come out!


The Ardennes has a large selection of museums. The area is known for the many large-scale war museums, but you will also find historic museums with archaeological treasures, art museums with impressive collections or small museums for serious hobbyists. Of course there are quite a few museums about the history of the Ardennes.

The Han Caves

The Caves of Han are one of the largest cave systems in Europe, created by the flow of the river Lesse. Discover the impressive corridors with stalagmites and stalactites and gigantic open spaces with names like the Minaret hall and the Hall of Mystery.

Plopsa Coo

Plopsa Coo, formerly known as 'Plopsaland', is a theme park in the Ardennes. Children will meet their favorite Studio 100 heroes here: K3, Bumba, Kabouter Plop, Amika and Mega Mindy. The park offers various attractions, such as a cable car, roller coaster, tree trunk attraction and a large animal park.

The Blegny Mines

The Blegny mine is one of the four authentic coal mines in Europe, where the underground galleries are still accessible to visitors via the original shaft. Located at -30m and -60m they give you the opportunity to discover the complete extraction process.

The Coo Waterfalls

With a height of 15 meters, the waterfalls of Coo are considered the highest waterfalls in Belgium. Take the chairlift to a higher point and enjoy a great view of the entire valley. There are also plenty of fun things to do in the area, from mini-golf to kayaking and other adventurous activities.

Defroidmont Chocolate Museum

Crazy about chocolate? Then pay a visit to the Defroidmont Chocolate Museum and imagine yourself among chocolate bars, bonbons and liqueur delights. The museum tells the history of chocolate, but also the story behind the craft chocolate factory Defroidmont. In between, you’ll have delicious chocolate-tasting moments! A fun outing for the whole family!

The Durbuy area

Holiday park Domaine Le Boulac is located in the village of Izier, a part of Durbuy. It is characterized by authentic Belgian architecture in a beautiful natural environment.


Outside the region, but within a reasonable distance there is much more to do. How about the always bustling Liège with its beautiful historic centre, cozy beer cafés, various museums and beautiful cycling routes?! Do you like flea markets? We recommend the flea market on Friday in the Outremeuse district, the Saturday market in St-Gilles and the Sunday market La Batte, also the largest and oldest market in Belgium. Café Les Olivettes and Café Chantant are also worth a visit. Every weekend many Piaf and Brel style singers can be heard here. Definitely worth it for fans of the French chanson!

Groceries and the weekly market

For groceries you can go to Ferrieres, a small village in the neighborhood. And a little further, in Barvaux, there are even more possibilities for daily groceries. Every Sunday morning a weekly market (La Petite Batte) with a flea market is organized in Bomal, a nearby village. Also in Spa (a half hour drive from the holiday park) there is a flea market every Sunday morning. Nice to visit during your stay!


In addition to our cozy Auberge le Hibou, located at Domaine le Boulac, there are many nice restaurants in the vicinity. Dine in the town of Durbuy as well as in the villages Ferrieres, Bomal, Heyd, Weris and Barvaux. Feel free to request more information at reception.

Other cities in the area

You are also within an hour's drive to Aachen or Maastricht; two cities that are more than worth visiting! Like great shopping? Then travel to Luxembourg. The famous Knauf Shopping Center is less than an hour's drive from Domaine Le Boulac.